• Blockchain Development

More and more often we hear about Blockchain, but being a relatively recent technology, doubts and perplexities are still many.

Moreover the binomial blockchain/cryptocurrency does not help to clarify the ideas, rather often it increases the confusion.

For this reason, Mulium, always in step with the times, has studied the services of assistance to companies also in this sector, and our experts are ready to respond to every need that the customer requires.

In particular, the services offered are as follows:

  • Training

    Organization of small courses at the customer site about the Blockchain and on the Cryptocurrency.

  • implementation

    Study for Blockchain implementation in the company, with relative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages.

  • Forensic

    Forensic investigation into transactions within the Blockchain, with historical chronology of each movement.

  • payments

    Advice and assistance for the creation of business tools to accept payments in Criptocurrency.

  • investments

    Technical assistance and security for their investments. Where to get them, how to do them, where to keep them safe.

Thanks to our help the blockchain will no longer have secrets, and you will thus be able to reach the goals you set for yourself thanks to the use of this new technology.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

what are the main characteristics of mathematical coins and what they lend themselves most

Receive/make payments

freed from intermediaries and their costs! Today you can be directly managing your money flows


Wallet as a corporate structure to protect funds (multi signature wallet, HD wallet and various types)

International transfers

save time/money to transfer funds to other countries


secure holding of funds and private keys, avoiding fraud and haker attacks

Bitcoin/Blockchain Forensic

track money transfers, identify the owner of a Wallet and discover the story