• Industrial Production

An efficient production and service system reflects a functioning and well managed business sector. Each department and each sector must interact with each other in the simplest and most effective way possible to avoid hitches and problems of any kind.

An analysis of business and industrial processes is necessary to identify weaknesses and weaknesses, with the aim of improving efficiency and effectiveness, to obtain an increase in productivity.

Mulium’s advice, through the services it offers, allows you to reach the required results and goals in a predefined time.


Business analysis: The key of success is to have a clear picture of the actual situation in order to exploit firm’s resources in the best way possible. Hence, there will be an strategic analysis of the business:

  • Identify improvement areas
  • Benchmarking
  • Identify possible optimization in the production processes
  • Identify internationalization channels
  • Set long-term goals

Processes Optimization: Create all the conditions to make the company more competitive and efficient in order to best perform each activity and thus reduce costs in such a way as to offer its customers a better service / product. As:

  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of a quality management system
  • Time enhancement
  • Resolution of management issues
  • Warehouse management
  • Material management
  • Internal analysis of the process

The results will not be long in coming:

Company organization

Tasks organization, work organization, implementing the organization, internal re-organization and work compartition, analysis of the internal work method to make it lean.

Warehouse managing and re-organization

Re-organization of the warehouse in order to increase the efficiency on the work place, managing the warehouse is order to decrease the waste of time and space.

Organizing the informatics system

Informatic system improvment, improvment of the company protection and sensitive data, organization and creation of company database, improvement of the managing Database.

Project Management

Through how the work managing approach it will be possible to create a managing project model in order to face in a more structured way the final objective.