• Marketing

Marketing is often seen as an almost metaphysical entity. Some treat it with fear and restlessness, while others snub it as a junk for gullible people.

In truth, marketing is a tool. And like all work tools can be used well or badly, it depends on the way in which it is used.

Definition marketing is a branch of the economy that deals with the descriptive study of the market and the analysis of the interaction of the market and users with the company.

The marketing therefore includes all company actions relating to the market for the sale of products or services, considering as a goal the greater profit and as a causality the possibility of having products capable of carrying out this financial transaction.

Three types of marketing are therefore recognized:


Study of the market, of the clientele, of the competitors and of their company reality.


Planning activities to obtain, while privileging the customer, its loyalty and collaboration on the part of all the players in the market.


Instead, it belongs to all those choices that the company puts in place to achieve its strategic objectives.

In light of all this, do you think your company has an adequate marketing plan? Are there any aspects you want to improve? Despite all the effort that you put, you did not get the desired result or budgeted?

Mulium has always provided its customers with the best professionals in the field of marketing, market analysis, and corporate resources. Together with you, we will find out if there are strategies that can be improved and implemented, so that your company can grow stronger and more successful in the market.

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