• Medical Equipment

  • Medical Equipment

In the society in which we live, the interconnection is global, the health of each individual has an aspect of primary importance, not taking care of it, it can have serious consequences, both from an economic and organizational point of view and can involve a myriad of situations .

Mulium, through targeted analyzes, cutting-edge infrastructures and above all with its years of experience in the consultancy and industrial development sector, is able to analyze and monitor 360 ° trends and significant variations, identifying all those situations in which there is a lack of use of materials and instruments for the safeguard and protection of the health of individuals.

The health of people is often underestimated and we are led to think that only in certain work contexts we need elements of protection and safeguard to protect each individual. The reality shows that where there are multiple people interacting with each other, the potential risks of infection and disease increase.

Mulium is able to offer customized solutions to private companies, government bodies and international organizations, for the purchase of medical prevention, analysis and control devices for the health of individuals.


  • Rapid test

    One of the tools for monitoring the health of the individual are laboratory tests. Today, the most requested are rapid serological tests for the virus called Sars-CoV-2

  • Masks

    Used both in the medical field and in many other sectors, for example dusty workplaces, or very crowded places. They are a first instrument of protection for the respiratory system.

  • Gloves

    The most common form of contagion and infection is through contact. Protecting your hands is a first personal prevention tool.

  • Safety goggles

    Sight is the first of the five senses, the one most used by people. The eyes are delicate and can be damaged by both external agents and pathogens. Protecting eyesight is very often underestimated, it turns out to be of fundamental importance.