• Profile Management

Communication is the basis of every man’s life. Communicating means establishing relationships between people and receiving information through coded messages. Despite the technology in the last twenty years has expanded exponentially the communication channels for man, one of the paradoxes of our society consists in the fact that interpersonal relationships are becoming impoverished. Effective communication is the basis for any social and work activity.

Mulium can contract the digital communication, professional or personal, of companies or individuals.

Communication consists of a line, objectives and a series of actions aimed at achieving the pre-established results, regardless of whether the product is an object, a service or a personal result (from relationships aimed at finding a new position, to relations personal, to those with customers to verify the reputation of a given product).

You can therefore delegate to Mulium the management of all information and reports on the web.

Mulium is able to build and manage an image on the web in three simple steps:

  • definition

    Targets achievement definition.

  • Creation

    The ad hoc creation of profiles and groups on the main social networks and on the web.

  • profile management

    Profile Management, management of all communication, personal and professional relations, of the requested/identified profiles.

The offer is also aimed at communication companies wishing to delegate this type of activity for a much more controlled cost management.

The tools most used by Mulium are the following:

Website and blog

Basic tools for companies that want to have a window on the world.


The most used channel for producer/consumer communication.

Social Network

The fastest way to reach young people, and consumers.

Telegram channels

The real-time resource to reach millions of people everywhere.

Messaging groups

Increasingly used tool for communication between restricted circles of people.

Video Channels

The fastest way to launch tutorials for everyone and easy to understand.

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